dreamarte gallery
is proud to present a unique collection of original paintings by David Gerstein.



Known throughout the world as the 'prince of pop-art' due to his critically and commercially acclaimed replicated steel cut-outs, the essence of Gerstein's art still remains the 'drawing process'.

Even all of his cut-outs start as drawings on paper ...

Although Gerstein wears the 'pop-art' label with pride, there is much more to his art, and the artist, than as a denizen of popular culture. As Nomi Aviv states, he 'offers literary paintings ... bound to the perception of art as 'object' ... and more to the point, 'objects' on the move.

Presented here are a collection of Gerstein original acrylics on canvas as well as gouache works on paper. In them we find many of the 'objects' Gerstein presents as sculpture, but here we find them in their pure illustrated form.

Please enjoy this exhibition ... and recognise this is one of the rare opportunities to own a Gerstein original.